Our Teams

The Waterbrook Teams consist of committed individuals who are eager to serve the Lord with their skills and gifts. It's also a training ground for those looking to hone their skills in any field of choice. Find out more about the teams below; see something you like? Go ahead and register.

"...work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically."

- Romans 12:11

After Party

The After Party team organises all our fun activities after Sunday services, such as board/video games, snacks, music, and much more. Interested in organising after-service activities? Sign up below.

Brook Business Alliance

Brook Business Alliance (BBA) is the arm of the Church that assists entrepreneurs and other business owners and operators with the business tools and support they need to succeed.


Brookstone is our music ministry where talented musicians are devoted to the ministration of God. If you're called in this area of music, feel free to reach out to the amazing team.


The Concierge ministry ensures the safety & ease of the members of the church and environment. From an efficient parking process to bringing a smile to those that walk/drive into the church.


The Connect team organises all the fun events at The Waterbrook. Movie night? Neon party? That's Connect. Join the team if you're interested in putting fun events together.


Evangelism is the ministry in-charge of the planning & implementation of outreaches. As a church, we strongly believe that we are all evangelist and to have as much of an impact as possible, these men and women brainstorm the best ways to do so on a massive scale.


The Hospitality team focuses on showing our culture to the guest ministers and pastors that visit our Church on any given Sunday or at any of our events. They ensure that our guest leaves, having a firm grasp of our beliefs and warmth of our love.


Kidszone is our children ministry where we impact the knowledge of God's teaching in a way that is interactive, informative and most importantly effective. At kidszone, every child is beautiful and every child is welcome.


The Media team is the ministry to take our vision to the world. They focus on doing this through every and any form of audio and visual media. From covering Sunday services to shooting our talk shows to recording the audio for our amazing choir.

Red Carpet

Red Carpet is the welcome ministry where we make our new guests feel at home; the team ensures new guests are part of our community from the first day you visit us and we create a welcoming environment while enlightening new guests about the many wonderful things at The Waterbrook.


300 is the ministry in charge of ensuring the smooth running and co-ordination of the church's services and events. The team comprises a group of ushers that assist with coordination during our services. 

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