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Friend of God

Who is a friend? One of the definitions we found was “A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection”. With this in mind, do you have a friend in your life? What’s that relationship like? Consider the following dialogue;

A: “Hey Kosi, how’s your friend Dami doing?”

B: “Ugh, that girl only calls when she needs something or wants to complain. Talking with her can be draining.”

You probably have that one “friend” or person in your life that comes off as needy, who is always the ‘taker’ in the relationship. The “friend” that only shows up when they’re in need but never for you when you need them.

If no one comes to mind, then it might just be …👀

We often hear the word ‘TOXIC’ being used in describing many relationships with someone like that involved. I wonder, are we this way to God?

When was the last time you spent a moment with Him solely to enjoy His company? Or listened with the intention of hearing Him speak?

How long can you go without talking to your best friend? What about God? God wants a relationship with us and for us to KNOW Him more than He wants any of our sacrifices or offerings (Hosea 6:6).

Your best friend should be God.

We just came to the end of our series titled ‘Learning To Listen’ and one point that resonated with us is the fact that we’re friends of God. The thing is, there is a lot God wants to reveal to us. There is a lot He’s already saying, but some people are absent friends and are unable to listen. (John 15:12–15)

Being intentional about relationships and friendships is very important to us, how much more God?

Moving forward, let’s be intentional about spending intimate time with God, not to speak, but to listen. It shouldn’t be a chore chilling with your best friend, so we shouldn’t make hanging out with God a chore either.

In future posts, we’ll be discussing some of the ways you can spend time with God.

That’s it for now. See you next time, and be sure to subscribe to the Mailing List to stay updated on new posts.

You can listen to the messages on this series ‘Learning To Listen’ by heading over to the Sermons page on our website.

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