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Hearing God's Voice

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Hey Family! Trust you’re well. Welcome to The Watebrook Blog. In this post, I'll be discussing 'Hearing God's Voice'. I'd like to hear your own personal experiences at the end of this.

Picture yourself in a room full of people; now imagine someone in the room says your name out loud; you might hear your name, but would you know who said it? Probably not.

First of all, in order to hear your name, there must be close proximity between you and this person. Secondly, if you've never had a personal conversation with the person saying your name, then there's a high chance that you wouldn't know who it is; you wouldn't know which one of the multiple people in the room called you. I say that to make the following points.

1. To hear God, you must get near God.

As with a person, our proximity to God makes it easier for us to hear Him. Just like our human relationships, in order to get close to God, we must spend time with Him, talking to Him, worshipping Him & meditating on Him.

2. Knowing the voice of God is a prerequisite for hearing the voice of God.

A lot of people hear the voice of God, but because they don't know the voice of God, we're convinced we don't hear Him. The story of Samuel in the temple is a great example of this. Read 1 Samuel 3:1 -10.

As we see in the scripture, Samuel could hear God clearly, but he did not know it was God who was speaking to Him. I often get the question "How do I know it's God speaking to me?", the answer is simple; if someone you spend a lot of time with (husband/wife/friend) speaks to you from afar, you would know the person, because you have invested time in getting to know that person. You must also invest time in the Word of God in order to be able to discern that voice in the midst of the other voices in your head.

So how do we get to know the voice of God? One method is simply to spend time studying His Word. The Bible is the Word of God, so it definitely helps to study it.

It's important to understand that God speaks to different people in different ways. Here are a few:

1. Scripture

For some people, they hear God speak through His Word (Scripture). This doesn't mean not everyone can hear through the Word, but this is the main communication channel for some. He communicates with you through specific Bible verses concerning a particular situation. Some people can be led to scriptures they have never read before and the scripture will speak directly to their situation.

2. Dreams

Some people have dreams and God reveals great things to them. He shows and tells them things about the affairs life. (Eg. Joseph)

3. Journalling

Some people journal and hear from God through that channel. I personally enjoyed communicating with God through this channel at a certain period in my life. We had long conversations, going back and forth in the small notebook I journaled in. Sometimes, I'd want to write a question in my journal, but end up writing the answer. It's a beautiful experience.

Some others have visions, and for some, it's through people & experiences.

God speaks in VARIOUS ways. Every Believer should have a communication channel with Him. If you don't have one, you can ask Him to show you how He'd like to speak with you. Explore!

So, how does God speak to you?

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